Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sketch Mess

Okay's a the top we have a pic of Mikey G that was just the last useable thing from a sketchbook I was done with...then next to that we have one of the first pics of Rupee human I've done in a long time, I'm so tired of just furries all the time. Next to that is Rupee Sphinx, whom I love to death and need to draw more often. Next row we have a Rupee done simliarly to the Mikey G, then there's a kinda realistic Alia I drew when she was sitting next to me in class. It wasn't really a life drawing, it was just a kind of cartoon I made while looking at her face. Under that is Cyll, my lovely dumb muse who I haven't thought about since I was 16. I realized how similar he was to Mikey G and had a laugh with that pic. By the way, those white pieces in his hair represent his red streaks. Ya, he's quite older than Rupee in terms of characters. He's about 6 years old now, I think. Oh Cylliam how I miss you. And then next to that is Rupe pup carrying around a ragdoll of Mikey G. Yep. Kays.

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